¿Cuál es la diferencia entre resistencia al agua e impermeabilidad?


Simply explained, a waterproof jacket offers a very high level of protection against rain and snow. A waterproof jacket, on the other hand, offers an adequate level of protection, but lower than the previous one. Still, water-resistant garments offer more than that.

The difference between water resistance and impermeability is in the fabric. A waterproof material is so tightly woven that water has a hard time passing through it. Therefore, materials such as polyester and nylon naturally hold more water than cotton due to their structure. But a waterproof jacket can only withstand up to a certain amount of rain.

On the other hand, a waterproof material provides an insurmountable barrier to water. Thus, a plastic bag is waterproof. However, if you used it for sports, such as hiking or snowboarding, your body would overheat and you would end up wet inside from sweat.

That's why our The North Face waterproof jackets, for both men and women , use a membrane material that combines waterproof and breathable properties. This membrane keeps you dry from the inside (prevents sweat), and protects from rain and snow on the outside.

There is another aspect that must be taken into account in order not to let water penetrate through our garments, and which we have to talk about: water repellency . This means that water droplets will remain on the surface of a material, preventing the fabric from becoming saturated.



We coat many of our products with a durable water repellent known as  DWR  , as well as a watertight (ie water resistant) fabric that provides an adequate level of protection against rain and snow.

We also DWR many of our waterproof jackets. But if they are already adequate to protect from water, why do we do it? Practically, it is so that the drops of water slide down the surface instead of saturating it, and thus improve breathability. 

So when do you need a waterproof jacket and when do you need a waterproof one? If you want your body to stay completely dry inside and out of the jacket when you're exercising in the rain, choose a lightweight, waterproof jacket. If you are doing light activities and the weather brings intermittent rain, then a waterproof jacket would be ideal for the occasion.