Evelina Nilsson

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Energised by the freedom, creativity and spellbinding scenery of big mountain skiing, Evelina is a free-spirited skier with big dreams for the future.

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Åre, Sweden

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The city of Luleå, Evelina’s home town, is just south of the Arctic Circle so its winters are cold and snowy. But although snow is abundant big mountains aren’t, so young Evelina made the best of situation and took up ski racing and moguls. And was good at it, winning medals and awards before she’d even finished school. But free-spirited Evelina soon tired of timed descents and planned routes.

After finding freedom in the bigger mountains of the far north, with few lifts and pistes as constraints, Evelina decided to switch to freeriding.

Combining her agility skills and speed from moguls and racing with her flowy yoga-fuelled movement she triumphed at The Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships, where she learnt how to master her nerves and find her flow in a high-pressure environment. It was then she knew that she’d found an environment that felt true to her heart and she began to compete on the Freeride World Tour, winning her first qualifier in Nendaz in 2015. The following year she finished sixth overall on the Freeride World Tour for women’s ski.

Since then she’s been combining her passion for travel with her desire to connect with people all over the world to ski in locations as diverse as Israel, Lebanon, Alaska and Slovenia. However, being forced to remain in Sweden for the entire 2020 season, she reconnected with nature close to home and plans on spending more time discovering new experiences on home turf.

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