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Fanny was raised in a coastal town in the north part of Sweden. For Fanny this was the perfect place to grow up, as the city was sports obsessed, and it allowed her to enjoy an active lifestyle from a young age. Fanny tried a range of sports, but her main focus was soccer and cross-country skiing.

When she finished school as a teenager, Fanny decided to move to the mountains to work and ski. This is where she discovered the freedom of running in the mountains. Suddenly, running wasn’t only about time and mile, it was about freedom, exploring and challenges. It wasn’t long before Fanny registered for a race, and here she discovered her hidden talent. The result was good and from that day her passion for racing and running in the mountain was born.

From that moment, Fanny has gone on to achieve some fantastic things in her younf career. Her highlights include a silver medal at the Skyrunning world championship and winning Pyrene stage run, which is a seven day race involving 250km and 14.000 gained elevation. As Fanny continues to recover from an operation, she hopes to be back at the start line in August to compete in the Fjällmaraton 43k, Scotland Skyrace and Ultra Pyrenees. We have no doubt that Fanny will be back stronger than ever!

When she isn’t running, Fanny is an avid ski-mountaineer who loves everything that comes with being outside. Away from sport she loves to bake sourdough bread, read a good book, and play ridiculous board games at home as she allows her body to recover from gruelling races.

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